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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Why did I just realize this?

Babies don't need gadgets that light up, things that vibrate, toys that make loud annoying noises. The little things like for instance this Smart Balance Butter bowl. This is Camlin's favorite thing to play with. 

I was talking to my sister today, shes having a baby and she asked me the question " Are things more expensive now, or did I forget how much things cost?" And I asked her like what things. She named off a playpen, bouncy seat, swing, glider...and the list goes on & on. And I got to thinking they don't need all of that.
But I surely thought so with my last 3 children. But with Camlin I guess I'm different he didn't have a vibrating bouncy seat. Yes he did have a bouncy seat it was Carson's when he was a baby. But after 3 children it longer vibrated. But Camlin didn't care, when he sat in it he learned to bounce it himself, and he was happy.  None of my kids ever used the playpen. Right now  its in the corner of my room with ___ piled in it. Guess that should go on my declutter list. And for the swing, lets see Carson never sat in it because he had Torticollis, and I didn't want him to get plagiocephaly (flat head). You know thats another thing that annoys/saddens me when I see a child/baby with a flat head. Ok I'm going to get ugly. Stop being lazy and hold,carry, sit in the floor and do tummy time with your baby. If your baby stays on its back all the time, if you keep your baby in the carseat,swing,bouncy vibrating thing your baby will have a flat head. Heres an idea don't buy all those fancy light up swing seats and get a sling and carry your baby.

Ok I think I got way off track here. I'm bad about that.

I definelty think Camlin is such a laidback happy baby because of what he didn't have. I can't believe it took me 3 children to figure this out. Geez...◦


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