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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Smile Camlin

"Camlin, smile for mommy."

"awww...good job"

"can you open your eyes and smile?"

"say cheeeeeeeeeese"

"I need a good picture of you"

"Ok got it!"

Silly boy.

I love you!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Do you need a Daily Planner?

I do. Thats why I entered a giveaway on Grettas Blog to win MY very own planner. Right now I use a calendar on the side of my fridge that falls down every.single.time I write anything on it.

So go enter tell Gretta I sent you, and hey maybe we both can win. There will be 4 thats right 4 winners!!◦

3 F's

Fall   Fair   Fun

Every year the fair comes to North Ga. We are there.
Thanks to Aunt Bing Bing & Uncle Nolen

The kids had a blast.

 Carson is getting too tall to ride the kiddie rides. And Carly is still too short to ride the big kid rides.
She wants to ride the scary, fast big kid rides too.

See like here, she wants to ride the bull. Luckily Steph rode with her.
And the bull was gentle.

Cain is usually the one that doesn't want to do anything.

Camlin on the other hand
thinks its fun to play in the gravel.

 and refuses to get up
 don't ya just love it when they do that?

My boy in the middle of 2 girls....I'm not ready for this.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What!? Packable Jackets

I ordered these packable jackets from Old Navy 4 days ago. They were normally priced $29.50 and they were on sale and of course I had a coupon. I ended up paying $12. And I went through ebates and will be getting 5% cash back.


I got these today and what a great idea a packable jacket. Theres been so many times we go somewhere and everyone takes off their jackets and it seems I have a mountain of jackets piled in my double stroller. Now I know why I got a double stroller to pile things in.

Just let me show you how packable these are.

I already love these~~


Monday, November 29, 2010


I have been ordering through Ebates for a couple of months now. I have already received one check for $17.

Well I have another one coming for $29. All just by ordering stuff I would have ordered anyways.

If I buy something off Ebay I go through Ebates. It may be $1 here and $1 there or it may be $10.

So if you wanna earn extra cash go sign up (click below )


and before you buy anything online go to Ebates and search the store you are ordering from and it automatically opens a ticket for you and tracks your order and the checks in the mail.

Its that simple.

The percentages change. For Black Friday I ordered a few things from the Disney Store and Ebates had 10% cash back and with a coupon, and free shipping I was able to get some super cheap christmas gifts.

 You can find stores like Gap,Old Navy, Boden (my fav), Crocs (another fav), Borders...the list goes on and on.

Oh and by the way you can still take advantage of that 10% cash back from the Disney Store.

Sign up with the link below and I get $5 and theres even a special gift for just for you. You get $5 too!

You are welcome

Now go sign up and save some $$$$◦

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Does this bother you?

Commonly used food dyes, such as Yellow 5, Red 40, and six others, are made from petroleum and pose a “rainbow of risks.” Those risks include hyperactivity in children, cancer (in animal studies), and allergic reactions. In 2008, because of the problem of hyperactivity, the Center for Science in the Public Interest petitioned the Food and Drug Administration to ban the use of these dyes. The British government and European Union have taken actions that are virtually ending the use of dyes throughout Europe.

Food dyes also serve to deceive consumers: they are often used to simulate the presence of healthful, colorful fruits and vegetables. But considering the adverse impact of these chemicals on children, and considering how easily they can be replaced with safe, natural ingredients, it's time to get rid of them altogether from the United States and Canada.

Kellogg's Nutri-Grain bars are made with natural colorings in Britain but contain food dyes in the United States.

Go here and here to learn more.

So are we not as good as Europeans?

I recently have learned about food dyes and what it does to our childrens health. And like anything else if it bothers me I do something about it. I'm not one to put on the blinders. And is there ALOT of food with these dyes- fruit snack, butter, soups, cheese, cereals, yogurt and alot more.  Go check out your cabinet and fridge and let me know what you find.

What can you do?

Write your Senator and Congress  asking them what they are doing to push the government to obey the food safety laws and ban these dyes.

Or read more here then do something about it.

For your children.◦

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Carson

I say this every time any of my children have birthdays.They grow up too fast.  I can not believe hes already 7 years old.  Carson wanted another pool party at Aunt Bing Bings & Uncle Nolens. So of course they said "Sure!" We had hotdogs on the grill, and cookie cake. And a pool full of friends.

Happy Birthday to you.
and Carly beat him to it...
and he was not happy
until he got a piece of cookie cake.

Leave it to my husband to waste -

I don't think hes ever used body paint on me.
I'm jealous, Brandon.

And I know I have never used body paint (icing) on him...


Carson loves to read every card.
He got lots of cool things.

Nanny,PawPaw, Scott and I got him a new bike.

So now for the hard part

Family photo

Take 1

Take 2

Looks good to me!  Thanks Mom.

Thank you all who celebrated Carsons birthday.



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