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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Carson

I say this every time any of my children have birthdays.They grow up too fast.  I can not believe hes already 7 years old.  Carson wanted another pool party at Aunt Bing Bings & Uncle Nolens. So of course they said "Sure!" We had hotdogs on the grill, and cookie cake. And a pool full of friends.

Happy Birthday to you.
and Carly beat him to it...
and he was not happy
until he got a piece of cookie cake.

Leave it to my husband to waste -

I don't think hes ever used body paint on me.
I'm jealous, Brandon.

And I know I have never used body paint (icing) on him...


Carson loves to read every card.
He got lots of cool things.

Nanny,PawPaw, Scott and I got him a new bike.

So now for the hard part

Family photo

Take 1

Take 2

Looks good to me!  Thanks Mom.

Thank you all who celebrated Carsons birthday.



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