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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree..

Oh this year putting up the tree was a total nightmare for me. Our lovely pre-lit tree was only half lit. So that meant I had to take all the strands of lights that didn't work off. And put new lights on, the kids wanted colored lights and usually I would have said no, because really I don't like colored lights. But I decided if they wanted colored lights then thats what we would do.

Some of the ornaments below are White House ornaments we get every year from Scott's parents. I love seeing what the new ornament will look like.

There was another first this year with the tree, I did not put up one single ornament and I didn't move, rearrange any of the ornaments that the kids put on.
Usually I rearrange the whole tree and put the ugly ornaments to the back,and the cute ones to the front.

But nope not this year, if my kids are happy and they like it well then so am I.

Carly and her stockings.



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