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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Declutter Take One- Clutter Anonymous

Step one: Admitting you have a problem and boy do I have alot of those.
My name is Tracy and I have alot of clutter.

I recently visited a blog that inspired me to start to declutter. Molly is her name and her blog is Shes removing 500lbs (I think) of clutter. And I probably have that much if not more. So I decided to give it a try with one yes one of my kitchen cabinets. You know the one you throw things in, and tell yourself "I will put it here so I will know where it is". Yeah thats the one and well I found a bunch of ____!

I think once a week I am going to try and pick an area to declutter.
Do you wanna join me?

I may tackle our closet, or the hallway closet, or even under the kitchen thats scary.

Here's my shameful disaster of a cabinet.

Look a football baseball  basketball  (one of the balls) from May 2009 (atleast it was from this year) and about 10 car magnets- like we even have that many cars.

A nice bar set that we got a couple of years ago and maybe used twice. Since we really hardly ok never drink. Baseball cards I actually kept these since they were Torre's and all.

Oh and one of my favorite things that I threw away. This crazy Lovin' the Ladies glass. Scott got this years ago, and it sat at the far back of this cabinet and well was never ever used. It took up space, space that we need. But the funny thing about this Scott did NOT want me to throw this away. He said "let's give it to Brandon or lets give it to Torre he drinks beer" NOPE!  In the Gar-bage it went. And it felt good. It feels good to get rid of useless ___.

What's that, oh my scotch tape. "I'll put it here so I will know where it is".  In a frickin' wine glass on the very top shelf all the way in the back. Would I have ever found it if I didn't declutter.
I hardly doubt it. So thanks Molly for finding my scotch tape I needed it to wrap presents.

Now here's a funny one- when Scott had his vascetomy, he was given these cups. I'm really not sure the real name for these.Specimen cups. Well you know what they are for. I found one of those next to a bunch of vegetable seeds.
And my Serene coffee mug I got back when we lived in Texas. I forgot about it.

Are you ready to see my results?

Now I have room for more ___.



  1. Cabinet looks good! Way to go Tracy! I have a hoarder of a husband I have just about given up on trying to de-clutter. :(

  2. That is way impressive! Way to go. I am up at 120 pounds (and yes, it is 500 as my goal) now and still picking away at it. Good luck!


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