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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Some pictures from today....

These pictures were taken today
at Mavin's party by Karen.
She's great!
Her website is


Friday, June 8, 2007

The boys.

Cain has a mustache.

Carson gets a haircut......and never again.

He looks so grown up.

The "C" Brothers◦

Some cute pictures

Carson loves giving Carly attention, and she
loves getting it.

Carson took this, he did good.

Not so good on this one.

Carson also took this picture. Cain likes
to hide under Carly's bed.◦

Pictures of the kids...June 4


Carly's sitting up!

5 mos. old. Definetly the longest. Carson sat up at 4 mos., Cain at 4 1/2 mos. And yes I really know when because I scrapbooked then.  :)


Memorial Day Swimming at Uncle Nolens & Aunt Bing Bing (the kids god parents)

My sexy sweet husband.

Carson had so much fun.

Cain not wanting to share his
Chex Mix.

She wore a itsy bitsy polka dot,
one piece!

The kids enjoyed the pool so much.◦

Fun at the Park

Giddy Up!

Daddy helping Carson across the monkey bars.

Carson posing for the camera.


Daddy's boy!◦


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