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Thursday, October 25, 2007

North GA State Fair 2007

Uncle Nolen & Carly

How sweet!

Up next Professional Bull Rider, Daddy!

Hang on Cowboy!!

Cain riding the Bee by himself, Carson chickened

Every year Uncle Nolen & Bing Bing (the kids
god parents) take us to the fair. The kids LOVE
it! This year Meme,Wynter,Madison, and Kira
joined us.


Opps I forgot to add these pictures a month ago.

Wynter & Carly

My 3 Little C's

Isn't it so sweet.

Ok thats enough!

Carson & Kira ( she doesn't look too thrilled)

They are serious!
Ethan Smile!

Cain watch the road!
Madison you are way to big to be in there.


Counting down till Halloween.One of my favorite holidays.

Carson is going to be Woody for

Cain is going to be Buzz Lightyear.

Carly's going to be a BumbleBee or
a Tom Arma bunny rabbit.◦

Just some pictures from last week enjoying the weather.

Carly playing in the little house

She trying to go up the slide, shes been watching
her brothers....

My pretty little girl.

What is he laughing at?? no telling

Cain and Laila (boys best friend)

Carson looking for the camera.

She now has 6 teeth, and loves to show them off
sometimes not the nice way.(Biting me!)

Poor Cain he gets hurt all the time, he fell
running down the driveway with his big Tonka
dumptruck, not the 1st and probably not the last.

Carson looking for Buzz Lightyear.
Everytime a plane goes by they think its Buzz!

What a cute face!
I love my little daredevil!!

Cain practicing golf no wait baseball, no golf,
no baseball. BOTH!


Better poured out!◦


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