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Friday, October 26, 2012

Email From Matt Arkin

Election day is getting closer, and lots of questions are in the air about the upcoming election and how it will affect Georgia Cyber Academy. With that in mind, here are a couple pieces of information that will hopefully help you understand the issues being discussed and get some information on what you can do to help state charter schools like GCA.
First, there is a rally this Saturday, October 27th, at 10AM to support charter schools. You can find more information here:, and here is the location:

Heritage Preparatory Charter School
3350 Greenbriar Parkway SW
Atlanta, GA 30331

Come out to celebrate the success of Georgia’s charter schools and hear speakers from the Georgia Senate, House of Representatives, and several local school board members who support charter schools.

Answering some questions about the Charter Schools Amendment:
If you’re like me you’ve seen all kinds of wild and inaccurate claims about the impact of the charter schools amendment, from local district teachers all being fired to hundreds of millions of dollars being “stolen” from local school districts by charter schools.
What the Charter Amendment does is quite simple –just 2 things:
  • Puts in the Constitution that state approved charter schools (like GCA) are legal
  • Puts in the Constitution that local funds of school districts will be protected and never provided to state charter schools
That’s all the amendment does, and without the amendment in place state charter schools like GCA face the possibility of being shut down if and when the local districts sue (again) to contest the rights of these schools to exist. Based on the information and threats you’ve probably been hearing from local districts, I personally believe there is little doubt that a lawsuit will be coming soon after election day if the amendment is unsuccessful.
You can read the full text of the amendment here: It’s only about 2 pages long, and can help you get past all of the misleading claims that are being made.
While as a public school we at GCA can’t tell you how to vote, we can encourage all of you to be sure to get out and vote, and to continue to educate your friends and neighbors on why charter schools are an important option for your family. All of us here at GCA thank you again for your support!

Best regards,
Matt Arkin
GCA Head of School


Monday, October 1, 2012

Six Flags & Beach trip...

Our Beach Trip wasn't a complete mess. Although it rained poured almost every single day we
 tried to make the most of it.
This trip was very different, we went without Scott. And we went with my mom, my sister, and 3 of her children. 10 of us... glad we had a 3 bedroom condo. :)

Dicks Last Resort... You must go once, or twice. So much fun.
They make you hats to wear, and they are hilarious.

My sisters below reads, I go down faster than Facebook Stock.

He took Madison's.

Shell Island

....The End.



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