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Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Day from HELL

REWIND : 10 PM- I'm reading Carson & Cain a story Carson is digging in his nose (TMI), and says to me "I can't get it out", I said "Did you put something in your nose?", He says "That orange wheel", So I think Oh great! Took him to the Bathroom and yes theres something orange in his nose, so I get him to blow it, and blow it. It doesn't come out, so I get tweezers, can't reach it. So then I spread open his nostril and say Blow Hard!
Out comes this orange circle wheel flying across the room. I guess now I can sorta laugh about it.

Lets FAST FORWARD: 4AM- Scott calls me he sounds groggy, but is doing good he says. He says the only pain hes having was the catheter. And that hopefully he will get to go home today. Which is good.

Until now.....
6:15AM- Cains moving around alot in bed, and says "Mommy I need to throw up", rush him to the toilet, and he hasn't stopped throwing up.

I have had no sleep, but it really doesn't seem to bother me right now. It probably will later though.

Carly's crying now.◦


Its 3:07, his surgeon just called everything went well.

Oh gosh I am so happy that he called I was getting the kids up and dressed to go up there.
He said he had appendicitis so he removed his appendix & an umbilical hernia he fixed that as well he said.

All I could do is cry....

He said don't worry he did fine and is in recovery. All I could say is Thank you, Thank you for calling. So now I am going to get some of his things together for tomorrow.
Maybe I will try and lay down so we can get up early and go see him tomorrow. Maybe he will get to come home!!!◦


I am sitting here at home in bed its 2:45 AM and my husband is having emergency surgery to have his appendix removed, and I'm not there!!!

It happened so quick he had the scan and within 15 minutes getting back to his room he called and said he had appendicitis, while on the phone with him they came in to get him into surgery right then.

So I call the "people" that I thought I could count on, lets just say I know why I don't ask "people" for stuff. Now all I can do is sit here and wonder what I should do. Maybe I'm a bad friend, sister, daughter.

Should I get the kids up and go up there?
Should I stay here and wait?

I'm so upset....

I know if my Meme felt OK and wasn't so sick she would have been here.◦

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Baby!!

NO!! I'm not pregnant! Sorry Scott, I know how much you're wanting another baby. But for now I'm happy with our 3.

I have decided on my new camera. The Nikon D40X. My inlaws are getting it for my birthday! What a birthday present. I can't wait!!! I hope I will find it pretty simple to use or I will be calling Karen for help. It comes with a DVD, so I will definetly be watching it probably more than once.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!


Sunday, January 20, 2008


I created slideshows of today. I took over 100 pictures and couldn't decide which ones to post. Carly was taking her nap while we enjoyed the snow with the boys. Enjoy : 0)

Heres my favorites- I can't wait to get my new camera to get better shots


Carson & the internet

Carson loves to get on the computer & play games. So we recently bought the Easy Link Launch Pad ($13- WM). It's so easy for him to switch games by himself. I'm glad I got this. He ask all the time to play it. Heres a look at him in action. Pay close attention to what he does when hes playing.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SNOW DAY!!!!!!

Yes it snowed! And I had to take the kids out in it. It may be the only snow of the year. I was so excited to take the kids out, and Carson & Carly loved it. Cain on the other hand did not. He cried, and cried. He kept saying "theres snow on me!" Not to mention he does not like to wear a jacket. Its a fight anytime he needs to wear one. He will say " No I want to wear this shirt" as he points to his shirt. He doesn't get the fact that he needs to wear his shirt and a jacket. So I threw a sweater over his pajamas. This is probably one of my favorite pictures of him. Click on it to enlarge. His eyes, and lips are so cute!

Carson was so excited when it started to snow, we rushed to get him dressed because I just knew it was going to stop.But it did not. He was catching snow on his tongue. Theres something about snow its just so fun. Carly was amazed by it.

Theres Woody!

Now hes happy, and he has his jacket on! YAH!!!!!

Our little snowman. Carson wanted to bring it in, he said" I want it to sleep in my bed"....
Eyes made out of confetti sprinkles, and I guess he got hungry making it because he took a bite out of his nose.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Asleep at last!

This picture is from last nightScott wanted to stay up and watch the football game. Is he up?



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