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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Camlin's party

A few pictures from the party. Thank you all for coming and celebrating Camlin's 1st birthday.

Whoa, Cain posing for a picture!?  WHAT!!

Pawpaw pushing Carly on the swing.

Awww... and Camlin walking to Daddy.

Lets try out the new shoes

Carson & Carly helping their brother out
The poor cake was melting, it was sooo hot.
Camlin took a few licks and was done.

Funny picture of Cain trying to smile for the camera and get that darn straw in the Capri Sun.
She was hot.
Love the pic, Thanks Laura!

My brother- Ethan.
His eyes are crystal blue.



Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Birthday big boy!

 365 days later 

It all started here, when we found out we were having another little boy

About 6 days before you were born.
I was so ready to see you...

in person, and snuggle ,kiss ,hold and hug you.

And of course breastfeed you.

Then you met your brothers & sister. And 3 became 4.

You fit perfect in my arms, and I held you alot.

And before I knew it you were smiling, laughing, rolling over..

And I was enjoying every moment. You are so laid back, and easy going you just go with the flow.

Then you starting sitting up.
And changing every day.
I think when you know its your last you cherish every little thing a little bit more.                                
No matter how small it is.
.Its true they do grow up so fast.
And in a blink of an eye....they are 1.
I wish I could keep you little...
But you have to grow up. :(

Now you are crawling,standing, climbing, and getting into every thing.
And even learning to walk, and talk.

No I didn't want this, yet. I had it in my mind if I carried you alot I could keep you from walking too soon.
I guess it didn't work like that.
But you better believe I am still going to keep cuddling, kissing, carrying, holding, and cherishing every second.

I love you Camlin!
I hope you had a great birthday.



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