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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can you use coupons & eat healthy?


Theres lots of coupons for "junk" but theres alot for healthy foods too. I do not buy boxed meals, like hamburger helper, or kid cuisines. Not saying I never buy junk like the chips, cookies, (you fill in the blank)__________ .   I need chocolate sometimes. :)

 I do buy whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, organic eggs, organic milk, organic frozen vegetables & fruits, organic yogurt, organic cheese,organic chicken, juice, nuts,hummus oatmeal...I can go on and on. All these things I listed have coupons.

Ronzoni- Whole Wheat Pasta
Arnolds, Pepperidge Farm- whole wheat bread
Egglands Best- Organic eggs (Horizon is another)
Organic Valley & Stonyfield- organic milk
Cascadian Farms- organic frozen fruits & veggies (edamame)
Stonyfield-organic yogurt
Organic Valley & Horizon-organic cheese
Coleman-Organic chicken
Kashi- have granola bars, cereals, frozen pizzas
Sabra-Hummus (Yum)

This is just a small list. And an idea. Just because theres always coupons for Fruity Pebbles, GoGurt, Kids Cuisines doesn't mean theres not healthy options that have coupons to. And if you think Go Gurts are healthy because its yogurt...think again. Has more sugar per ounce than a Coke. Not to mention the dye...gotta make that pink & blue somehow.  We buy the Stonyfield Yo-Squeeze.

You just have to look & research. Heres some Target's Printable Grocery Coupons and heres more Print Coupons 

If you shop at Target you can use their store coupon, and a manufactures coupon to save more money. And some grocery stores will even take Target store coupons as a competitor.

Sometimes going to their website you can print coupons. If its something your family eats lots of like Cascadian Farms organic edamame (we do) you can look on ebay and buy 20 coupons for .99-2.00 and when it goes on sale you stock up. You may not need those 20 bags of edamame that week or even next week but you got them on sale and used a coupon. And didn't wait till you ran out and were forced to pay full price.

Shop with the sales then plan your menu. Don't make your menu then shop you will spend alot more.

Don't be brand loyal either- you may find you like another brand just as good or better. Like Mayo I remember growing up my mom bought Blue Plate. Well now theres others I like because I was willing to try it and got it free or cheap using a coupon.◦


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