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Thursday, December 31, 2009


I'm glad its over, it came quick atleast to me it did. No stress this year. The kids loved all they got. Carly especially loved her cute pink scooter, and the Zhu Zhu pets.  Cain loved his scooter and Toy Story toys too. They rode them around the house all day.  Carson went crazy over the Buzz in the box, and Toy Story Legos. And Camlin liked the Block, I actually got that when Carson was little and all the kids got to love that big block. I can't even remember the name of it. Hmmm...

It was so nice not to have to worry about lunch, dinner. I made my breakfast casserole and Whole Wheat chocolate muffins for Bfast. And for lunch we had Chick Fil A tenders. Scott's parents got a tray, and we had fruit and the vegetable tray leftover from Christmas Eve, and on top of that Belinda gave us about 15 Subway sandwiches, pasta, key lime pie. We had plenty. My mom & Ethan came over and Scott's parents were down it was a nice Christmas where we didn't have to run from place to place.

Like my bed head?


Nanny got warm PJs!!

Pawpaw got a new pic for his office.

Nanny loved the Legos and we know what to get her next year.

The attack of the raccoons-

Pawpaw we will get you a Princess Snugglie for your birthday :)

My mom building Legos w/ Carly

Pawpaw stayed very busy. I don't think Scott or I put together anything.

But now its over I have some returning to do. Buzz Lightyears wing broke on day two, White Zhu Zhu pet stopped working day one, some transformers that are going back the kids got plenty and well they are just too difficult to put together w/o breaking apart. The Cars racetrack falls apart- gotta get the receipt from Nanny & Pawpaw so Cain can get something else. I think thats it. Not bad.



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