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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some pictures w/ my new camera.


Look what I got today..........

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! I know its not even March yet. But I got my presents early from my in laws. My new camera!!!!
It came this morning in this HUGE box.
The kids were excited about all the popcorn and the little plastic pop things.
I used it today and will post some pics soon. I definetly can tell a difference.
Thank you!! It will get used ALOT!


Pictures of Carly this weekend.

Shes starting to pose for me now.


Imagine It Children's Museum.

The kids had a blast!! We went with Suzanne, Jayden, and Molly.
There is so much to do there, and the kids all like something different which was kinda interesting.
Cain absolutely loved being cashier and ringing up groceries, and building with the white plastic pipes and of course the trains.
Carly liked the painting, and running the opposite direction of us.
Carson liked fishing, building with the pipes, playing in the moon sand, trains, he liked it all.
We can't wait to go back.


Carly got mail- Valentines Mail!

Carly was very excited about opening her mail. She got a V-day card & money from Nanny & PawPaw.
I guess the money wasn't as colorful as the card.

The boys got their cards the day after Carly got hers.
I took them to the mall yesterday to spend their money.
Cain bought a Toy Story car for $3 at KB Toys, then another small car , and styro foam airplane at the Dollar Store. Which is now already broken.
Carson bought a puzzle, small car, styro foam airplane,yellow ball, and army men. He spent all his money in one store.
Carly picked out a pink princess ball with Belle on it.
We all go and check the mail everyday, and they get excited to get mail.◦

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lowes Project- Valentines Mailbox

We had fun this past weekend at Lowes making the Valentine's mailbox. The boys really enjoy making projects. My mom helped Cain make his, and Scott helped Carson, I chased Ms. Carly around in her tutu that she had to wear.
Ethan was having some problems with his but he fixed it and was happy after that.
Now they have a mailbox for their V-Day cards they get.
Happy Valentines to everyone.



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