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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve

We always go to my Uncle Nolens & Aunt Bing Bing's house for Christmas Eve. We missed most of the family though we did get to visit with my cousin Dustin and his 4 children, and my cousin Stephanie and her rude husband thats likes to tell me & children that they need hair cuts, and long hair is for girls. Yeah that gets quite annoying, thats like saying "your nose is big you need a nose job or you are fat you need to lose weight" Luckily it doesn't seem to bother my kids. Dustins wife, Jena drew my name and I got this really cute monogrammed brown picnic basket. It was really nice and something I will use, alot.
Scott's parents came down so they joined us for Christmas Eve too. The kids were super excited about Aunt Bing Bing's new inherited dog- Dottie aka 101 Dalmations to the kids.
Nannny & Pawpaw (Scotts parents) got all the kids Longaberger mugs to drink their hot chocolate in, and also the book The night before Christmas. But not just any ordinary book, this one is from Hallmark and they recorded themselves reading it, so all Scott & I had to do is turn the pages. It was really cute. And a great idea too.
After the hot chocolate the kids hung their stockings for Santa to fill. We gathered up leftover snowman cookies for Santa and leftover hot chocolate. Yum! I'm sure Santa loved that. Oh and of course the reindeer food we had to leave out.



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