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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today Cain is 6


Monday, March 28, 2011

Cloth Wipes

If you are using cloth diapers why not use cloth wipes? They can be washed with the diapers and will save you $.

Here are some of mine-

I add them to a container-

add water. soak. ring out

Then add some California Baby Diaper wash solution or you could wait until time of changing and right before changing spray the wipe. Your choice.

Heres where I got mine-

I got these they are the small ones great for pees. And these larger ones for poops.◦

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I love Bags-

Can you ever have enough?  not me. I have so many resuable bags but just came across these. I think I paid $6

Valori Wells 100% Recyclable Everything BagInsta-Tote Reusable Insulated Grocery Tote Stripes & Dots Pink
Lunch Tote- $3.20ESG-087 Insta-Totes Reusable Pink With Black Dots Lunch ToteInsta-Totes Reusable Scalloped Paisley Teal Metallic Lunch Tote
And buttons to put in the center of hairbows. I thought these were cute.And are only 1.25 I'm looking for some soccer ball buttons for Carly.
Novelty Button 1-3/8'' Love Love Love BlueNovelty Button 1-3/8'' Girl Power PinkNovelty Button 1-3/8'' Flower Power Turquoise/RedFashion Button 1-3/8'' Confetti Flower Orange

I wish I knew how to sew  I could have made diapers for Camlin in cute funky prints.
Kwik Sew Diapers, Diaper Cover, Insert & Bags Pattern
They had some cute ribbon for hairbows too. 

Free Shipping on orders $35+


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Glasses are BOGO

And I want to get some more glasses. A couple months ago I finally had an eye exam and got new glasses. I made a mistake of purchasing a pair right then. Well $200 later. Oh I was sick. I do not lot spending money on myself at all.  Well my mom was telling me about a lady she worked with that bought prescription glasses online for $7.95. I was thinking theres no way. I just paid $200 and got $99 frames. So the researcher I am went home and researched, googled, and found Eyebuydirect.  Prescription glasses for as low as $7.95. That includes the frames and lenses. Yes the lense too. Shocking, right.

Shocked! Mad! Felt Ripped Off. I just spent $200.

Weeks later I decided to order some and see if they are junk. I mean they are so cheap they will probably break the 1st time I wear them, right?

I searched for some like the ones I paid $200 for and found these-

They look identical from my LizWear. I ended up paying $19-$20 and that included shipping. Got em in the mail and I love them. I wear them more than my expensive ones.

Right now they are having a sale- Buy one Get one Free. I have wanted some red lenses. I think I am going to get some and Scott can get a new pair. Even if I have to drag him to the eye doctor.  

You have 6 days until the BOGO is gone.
Celebrate our 5th Anniversary with Buy One-Get One FREE prescription eyeglasses at from March 1-14th. Order now!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

~Saving Money~ Making Money~

I have always been a money saver. Always looked for deals, used coupons. Well with gas prices going up. I have been shopping more online. I love Ebates and the money I get back for things I would have bought anyway. Especially when I make purchases through Ebay.

Now the 1-3% cash back may not seem like alot but it all adds up. And different stores have different cash back. You do nothing different but go to Ebates  then sign up you get $5 just for signing up right now by the way. After signing up go to the top of the page search the store you are wanting to purchase from- Ebay, Boden, Childrens Place, Old Navy, Crocs, Gap, Disney Store, Shutterfly, Hotel, Airlines, anything you purchase online.
You do nothing else but complete your purchase and its tracked for you. You receive cash back by a check in the mail or paypal.

For Christmas the Disney Store had 10% cash back and free shipping, it was a better deal going through Ebates than going in the store. And not to mention you can add coupons or promotional codes. Crocs jut recently had 10% cash back too. So sign up and start shopping!◦

Friday, March 4, 2011

~~Valentines Day~~

Pictures from the Valentines Tea Party at the Library.

~Daddy & Daughter Date Night~

Our Special Valentines Dinner w/o Daddy...he was sick :(

I made Tilapia Stuffed Crab, scallops, baked potatoes, and corn. The kids had apple juice. They loved every bit of the whole dinner.

And Chocolate fondue for dessert ~ strawberries, marshmallows, and pound cake.
Then the kids opened their cards from Nanny, Pawpaw, Aunt Toni & Uncle Buz.

And the kids gathered up their money, and I cleaned up. What a fun time we all had.
Hey babe! Maybe next year you won't be sick and can join us. :)


Thursday, March 3, 2011

My little girl is 4

Well actually she's been 4 for 2 months now. And I'm just getting around to posting pics. I am going to get caught up. Some how, some way. I will.

My sweet little princess is 4. What a wild little 4 she is too. And a very special guest came to her party.
Her Great Nanny. My Nanny.

Thanks for everyone who came and celebrated with us. ◦


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