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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Really does breastfeeding offend you?

 Seriously? Like can you not look the other way if you don't like something? Or you think you may actually see something, something you've never ever seen?

Or you don't want your precious little child to see a caring, loving mother feed her child the BEST possible way? What you think it may scar them for life.  I bet Spongebob, or South Park probably has a better chance at that...just guessing. 

A simple "honey shes feeding her baby, just like gorillas, pigs, dogs, and even cats feed their babies" would probably be sufficient. Or "thats how babies eat, when you were a baby thats how mommy fed you".   


This story  is the reason for my post.  Now not that I want to criticize Target but to me Target is much like Wal-Mart. And I have seen more than my share of ...well lets just say body parts on the people that shop there.

Even if you go to the mall you see teenagers with their a$$ hanging out of their panties shorts, or boobs, tits whatever you wanna call them coming out of their bras shirts.

But breastfeeding offends people. Is it just the people that never BF. or who?  Who does it offend, and why thats the question I have been asking myself ALL day. And I can't for the life of me, figure out why anyone would be offended by a MOM breastfeeding her child.

So you think its better to shove nasty a$$ formula put in a bottle in their mouth? I mean one may say that offends them. Should you cover your baby while bottlefeeding them?

Oh wait, we should feed our children in the bathroom. Now I have it all figured out. You go eat your lunch while people around you piss & sh*t. I bet you would get full pretty quick.

Oh just cover yourself and baby with a blanket, because then no one would know what you're doing.
Lets see I banned Victoria Secrets years ago when this story came out

Oh and Fakebook, I mean Facebook. I don't have an account, never have...never will. For the simple fact that they see breastfeeding pictures as nudity. But you can have yourself have naked with your tits and a$$ hanging out in a bikini at the beach. Or even guys can show off their abs.  Oh but not breastfeeding pics.

You don't support Breastfeeding, I don't support you! 
There is a petition -

Well I think I am done for now, my little one needs to be fed,


So my solution to you (if BFing offends you) don't look, close your eyes, get a blanket, go on about your business or heck go buy yourself a hooter hider for YOUR EYES!

                                                                 Get over it, its natural.

Thanks for all the pics.




Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day of WOWS!

Lets see yesterday I rec'd a BLOG AWARD from good ol' Robin from Lolidots. It's some Beautiful Blog Award, which I have no clue how I got it. I'm flattered. But my blog is by far beautiful. I mean its beautiful to me, and really thats all that matters. And I do blog for myself.
I'm no where near an entertainer like some (Nikki, This Daddy) now I can see why those blogs were on her list but mine well I'm still shaking my head.
More on that later, because I think I'm suppose to pass it on to other bloggers.So BEWARE! All new to me so I will have to read the fine print and find time to do that.

My second WOW was also from Lolidots, Robin you are too good to me!  

Remember when I posted about Lolidots giveaway- The Earth Mama Angel Baby gift certificate I wanted to win so badly. Well guess what?


I had already been looking on what to get, I got my certificate my email this morning and going to order some things this week. I can't wait.

Robin raves about their products so lets see how they are. I mean I already love them because they get all ZERO's on the cosmetic database. If you have no clue what I'm talking about go to and look up some shampoo, baby wash, toothpaste, lotion that you use on yourself or your little ones. And see what exactly is in the products YOU put on your little Prides of Joy.

You may think Gerber Wash, or maybe even Aveeno is the best.  But I'm here to tell you


Ok my kids are running crazy so I need to get off of here, before they really tear the house up or should I say down. Anyways-

Thank you Robin, and thanks for those who didn't enter and gave me a better chance at winning.  :)

I love to WIN!◦

Saturday, January 23, 2010

And he's off

I guess keeping him in a sling didn't stop him.
He's crawling....

and there's no stopping him.

And now he's


Gotta love those legs,

how come my legs aren't cute with all that cellulite?


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh My He has lost his mind.

I couldn't believe it, and still can't. Scott came home the other night and asked me if I wanted to have another baby. Ummm...I have a baby, and ummm.. you had a vasectomy.

And then I passed out.

Not really but I was in shock.

Real shock.

Completely blown away.

I asked him if you wanted more children then why did you have a V. He said I made him.
Now thats a good one. I made him. Yeah right honey.

I think I am still speechless. I'm happy with the children we have. And thats all I am saying for now.

I mean I already get "are all these kids yours?" and "you must be the babysitter"

So I guess if its meant for us to have more kids then it will happen, but no way am I planning to have another baby.  Don't get me wrong I am going to miss having a baby in the house, and most of all the nursing part of it.

But as of right now

I'm going to enjoy every minute of my baby.◦

Weather Fest

We took the kids to Weatherfest on Sunday. The kids had a good time.  Scott & Carly got their pic made w/ Ken Cook.
I learned a couple of things- one my husband is infatuated w/ Karen Minton from channel 2 news. The pic is horrible of her, he took it. Now you see why I never have pics of myself. He takes pics and pays no attention to what you are doing. I always get pics of my eyes half opened or drunk looking pics.
Anyways, I did have to set an old lady straight.
She kept talking about Carson and referring to him as she. And I kept correcting her saying, "HE!", and she kept saying "She went over there" And I finally said "He, hes a boy!" She said "Oh the hair threw me off"
I wanted to say "hes dressed like a boy" What are all boys suppose to have super short hair?

Oh, and you have a mustache, aren't only men suppose to have those.
Gotta love old people.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Another Give Away

This one from Robin over at Lolidots. She has several good ones. I personally hope to win the Earth Mama Angel Baby gift certificate. Great product, no chemicals. Check it out here-

You know I will do it for you.

See they get all ZEROS- can't get better than that.

Go and enter she has several ways to enter. Well actually if you don't enter I will have a better chance to win. :)◦

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our Snow!

We had some snow fall about 1/2 inch. Not alot to most people, but enough for Carson to go out and play. I wished all the kids felt good and could have all enjoyed it. They watched from the window as Carson had all the fun. From making snow angels, to attempting to slide down the driveway on a sled storage box top to making snowballs.

My little boy looks so grown up in these pictures with no front teeth.


Another Give away.

This is by Jessica- better known as the Four Farrells. Go here to enter a chance to win something good as she promises.

Good Luck!◦

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Give Away-

Jen at 11th Heaven's Homemaking Haven, 365 Days of TV-Free Toddler Time, and Mega-Family Blogs is giving away a flippin' waffle maker...

To enter, go HERE!!◦

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why does the US allow this?

I get updates from NON Toxic Kids, and today its about how Good Ol' China replacing Lead with something called Cadmium.

I'm talking on the phone with Laura and we both agree its not China we should blame. We blame this great country we live in, The United States of America. Who cares that China is poisoning our children?Why are products with toxic chemicals even allowed to get on the shelves at Wal-Mart, Dollar Store, Toys R Us? Is the US doing anything, anything at all to prevent this? Surely doesn't seem like it.

Is the US to blame? Is it all about the money?

I mean this is not even the first time this has happened, how many toys have been recalled to due Lead? Millions I'm sure maybe Billions.
Fisher Price, Mattel these companies I blame too. 

Do my children need gloves and a mask when they play with toys? Maybe China the US  I could possibly make come up with a suit to protect children from these chemicals we call toys. How fun would that be, having the kids put on HazMat suits before they play.

Or maybe just stop buying anything and everything that states "Made in China"◦

We survived!

We all made it through the H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic. It sucked but we are all OK. And I'm glad that  we are healthy and didn't experience any complications. And I am so very happy to feel normal again.                                 So whatcha think about this shirt?


Friday, January 8, 2010

My new Best Friend

Unfortunatly.  The Flu has now offically hit everyone in the house except Scott. I was joking with him earlier that hes going to get it this weekend.  We'll see.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Camlin 7 months old - Crazy Day at our house.

What a crazy day! I think being in the house so much and being off schedule with Carson being sick has got the kids acting crazy. I am actually looking forward to tomorrow to get the kids back on schedule. The kids went out to play and get some fresh air yesterday, it was cold and very windy but the kids needed to get out. They all had a blast on their scooters. In their CROCS.

Finally my happy sweet boy smiling once again.

Last night we had friends over it was kinda like our Christmas get together that we do every year. The kids exchanged gifts with their friends. And this year they actually shopped for their friends and they were so excited about that. More than if I would have just gotten something for them to give.
I don't have pics but go here and you can see a few of them.◦


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