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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Meeting MckMama & her Family

Me & MckMama
MckDaddy & MckKids
Me & Anna & MckMama talking about cameras.

What a fun time it was to meet the MckFamily. I debated on whether to go or not because it was chilly & rainy. But last minute we decided to go. When we got there, there wasn't that many people there but tons and tons of food.
 I got to meet Stellan of course he was hanging with MckMama. She is so down to earth,and funny. It was really nice to meet her and see her little miracle.Her other children were running around having a good time. Mck Nugget came up to me and heres how the conversation went.
MckN- Who's he?
Me- his name is Camlin
MckN-Oh..and he runs off.
He reminds me of Cain
 We also got to meet MckDaddy, very nice. What a wonderful family.
And the orange balloons are from the party- they ended up all over the house.
I also ended up running into another girl I have known for about 3 years online.That was neat. Funny I reconigzed her child and thought he looks familiar. Such a small world. And thanks to Anna for showing me all about cloth diapers, but thats another post.



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