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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Really does breastfeeding offend you?

 Seriously? Like can you not look the other way if you don't like something? Or you think you may actually see something, something you've never ever seen?

Or you don't want your precious little child to see a caring, loving mother feed her child the BEST possible way? What you think it may scar them for life.  I bet Spongebob, or South Park probably has a better chance at that...just guessing. 

A simple "honey shes feeding her baby, just like gorillas, pigs, dogs, and even cats feed their babies" would probably be sufficient. Or "thats how babies eat, when you were a baby thats how mommy fed you".   


This story  is the reason for my post.  Now not that I want to criticize Target but to me Target is much like Wal-Mart. And I have seen more than my share of ...well lets just say body parts on the people that shop there.

Even if you go to the mall you see teenagers with their a$$ hanging out of their panties shorts, or boobs, tits whatever you wanna call them coming out of their bras shirts.

But breastfeeding offends people. Is it just the people that never BF. or who?  Who does it offend, and why thats the question I have been asking myself ALL day. And I can't for the life of me, figure out why anyone would be offended by a MOM breastfeeding her child.

So you think its better to shove nasty a$$ formula put in a bottle in their mouth? I mean one may say that offends them. Should you cover your baby while bottlefeeding them?

Oh wait, we should feed our children in the bathroom. Now I have it all figured out. You go eat your lunch while people around you piss & sh*t. I bet you would get full pretty quick.

Oh just cover yourself and baby with a blanket, because then no one would know what you're doing.
Lets see I banned Victoria Secrets years ago when this story came out

Oh and Fakebook, I mean Facebook. I don't have an account, never have...never will. For the simple fact that they see breastfeeding pictures as nudity. But you can have yourself have naked with your tits and a$$ hanging out in a bikini at the beach. Or even guys can show off their abs.  Oh but not breastfeeding pics.

You don't support Breastfeeding, I don't support you! 
There is a petition -

Well I think I am done for now, my little one needs to be fed,


So my solution to you (if BFing offends you) don't look, close your eyes, get a blanket, go on about your business or heck go buy yourself a hooter hider for YOUR EYES!

                                                                 Get over it, its natural.

Thanks for all the pics.



  1. I'm all for breastfeeding, it's the best and natural way. However, the general public is uncomfortable with it, so do everyone some justice and cover yourself. Have dignity when doing it instead of "showing it off." I'm a mother and I support BF 100%, however, you have to understand that SOME women cannot do it and respect them for that.

  2. Oh Dear Anonymous- General Public? LMAO.

    Call it what you want- show it off. Sounds like a little jealousy from a mom that didn't BF their child.

    Respect them for that? Just like you respect me for breastfeeding my child in public.

    Thank you for all that great advice. And hey next time leave a name. :)

  3. I have to agree with "Anonymous." Some people are simply not comfortable with a woman's breast being exposed. It's a free world so you can go on with your life as you choose. I just think being modest is the best policy.

  4. I have breastfeed two children and I have bottlefed two children. I am also one of those mother's that by term cannot breastfeed. I don't produce enough. I have to supplement with a supplemental nursing system for the first 6 months my babies are alive. Do I get offended by those mothers that can nurse solely? Absolutely not. It is what is best for their baby and I whole heartedly support them.

    I don't understand how anyone can say being modest is the best policy. I think the more people that see bfing in public the better. For some reason here in the USA it is okay to have a Victoria Secret fashion show aired on prime time that shows off more than anyone could possibly ever see when a baby is nursed. It is okay to have billboards that show some guys butt crack and under clothes or a ladies bra. But it is considered taboo to do what is natural and feed a baby in public. Seriously? That is more than a double standard, it is just down right idiotic. In countries that are more "modest" than we are here in the USA, you will see women nursing babies in public. They aren't even given a second look. Get over yourself people. If you don't like it, don't look!

    It is what is best for your baby. Why hide it? It is natural.

  5. swear to god...those pics of you nursing the baby, make the place where my uterus used to be tingle. make my heart flutter. make my arms ache.

    those moments of looking down into their little faces. while they look back up at you...are the most pure, the warmest, the fondest memories i have of motherhood. i never took a pic of my babies from that perspective...seeing these pics makes me hurt that i didn't. you'll treasure those one day tracy. seriously.

    i think it's gorgeous...and i don't see how any other nursing mother wouldn't say the same thing.

    and to "anonymous"...some women can't have children. are those of us who have them supposed to keep our children at home, tucked away, so as not to offend anyone who is infertile? bulls***!

  6. I really get annoyed anytime anyone suggests modesty. Modesty or "being discrete" is subjective. I have huge breasts, especially when I have newborns. My size was 44J last time. I also have large areolas. Add to that, my babies, just like many others, don't like to have their heads covered when nursing. Would you want your head covered when eating? So, I can wear the same nursing clothes as smaller breasted women and you can still see more. You can always see a bit of areola because no baby can get it all in their mouths.

    The story I always tell when this topic comes up: I was at the Botanical Gardens with another Mama friend. I was wearing my son in a baby carrier, a Beco, and nursing him. No one seemed to notice. I saw another mother, nursing her baby, obviously very nervous. She was sitting on a bech, wearing a hooter hider in a loud proud, so it was very obvious, even though she was covered up. She was hiding behind her stroller, even! Some teenage boys were pointing and laughing at her. I felt bad for her and tried to offer an encouraging smile. She looked guilty and cast her eyes down. I realized then she had no idea I was nursing my son, right then, and thought I was judging her, too. My point is, those big covers make it more obvious, not less.

  7. I love nursing my baby anytime, anywhere! Great post, Tracy! I love boobie pictures too, they melt my heart!

  8. You are so right Nikki! Those are some of the most wonderful moments ever and when I think that we might not have any more babies, that is one of the things that makes me the saddest...the idea of never nursing another baby.

    Like Sarah, I am large chested and it can be harder to keep things covered up. I tried to not expose myself any more than needed, but I didn't stress about it because bottom line, when my babies needed to eat, they needed to eat. And I agree, the blankets and "Hooter Hiders" just make things MORE obvious because I tried them with my first when I was first breastfeeding and not "comfortable" myself out in public. I quickly got over that!! Not to mention, try breastfeeding in the dead of summer with one of those things...the poor baby sweats like crazy! No thanks!!

    People just need to get over themselves. It is natural. It is beautiful. I love to see mothers doing this, it melts my heart. If you don't like to see it DON'T LOOK! Seriously, you DO NOT have to sit there and stare...look the other way.

    "Have dignity" you say?
    Let's see...the definition of dignity (from
    "bearing, conduct, or speech indicative of self-respect or appreciation of the formality or gravity of an occasion or situation."

    Well, my "conduct" of breastfeeding is VERY indicative of my "self-respect" and my "appreciation" of the "gravity" of the "occasion" of nursing my child. It would appear to me that a nursing mother is the epitome of DIGNITY.

  9. Oh, seeing the glorious bfing pics actually makes me want another baby! I miss breastfeeding so much!!

  10. Grrr! That anonymous comment makes my blood boil, mainly because it was cowardly. I'll be more open to talking about modesty when these same people who complain go up to every woman in public baring cleavage and tell them the same things!

    Great post Tracy!

  11. To Anonymous or Ericka did that picture say of the momma at the beach honestly seem immodest to you???? If it does that is an issue you have and not an issue that nursing moms have. I get happy when I see a mom nursing in public and I honestly cringe a little when I see a bottle. ;)

  12. I'm actually fascinated by breastfeeding. I catch myself starring, and then I feel like a perv, but really I'm not (I swear). I just think it's so amazing that our bodies are built to do that, and I honestly can't wait until it is my turn...

  13. I freakin' LOVED this post. I nursed both of mine for a year each. I selfishly want those times back so I can nurse again. It is an experience that I will treasure forever and never forget!

  14. I have five kids and I was able to breastfeed Four of them. I believe it's good to be aware of who may be around you when your breastfeeding. If there are a bunch of teenage boys or kids around I tend to be a bit more discreet about it. I've never purchased or used a hooter hider. I primarily carried my babies in a ring sling which helps disguise what your doing. I'm all for breastfeeding but a bit of modesty when around certain audiences never hurts. I do believe a woman should be able to breastfeed where ever, when ever. It's nothing to be ashamed of and unfortunately society makes many new moms think it is.

  15. Wishing too that I had taken pictures of my kids nursing. I still see those eyes and that total look of peace and comfort on their faces, and it makes me ache inside. Hoping I get that 3rd chance... :) Great post!

  16. I Recently had a family member make a nasty comment about nursing my 2 month old...Thank-you for all the positive thoughts and comments, they are helping to lift my spirits and feelings on the matter!
    I %110 agree that it's a beautiful, natural, amazing gift!!!!


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