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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Meet the New Reusable Softcup

I have found something better than the disposable Instead Softcups. I know I have been blogging for 3 months now on how great these cups are. Well, now let me tell you about the  Reusable Instead Softcup.

The New Reusable Softcup offers a safe, cost effective, eco friendly alternatives to tampons, and disposable pads. The Reusable Softcup can be used for your entire length of your menstrual period. It is still recommended you empty atleast every 12 hours.

 I have been using the Reusable ones for the past 2 months, and love them! They are softer than the disposable, purple, and not wasteful. And you still get all the benefits that you get with the disposable one. But you wear one cup for the length of your period. And it cost you about $3 per period. So even less waste than the disposable ones.

So if pink isn't your color, try the purple ones.


One Month- One Period- One Cup  

I have not seen the reusable ones on store shelves yet. But you can purchase these straight from the Instead Softcup website right here.

A few questions you may have:

How do I clean the reusable Softcup? You can rinse with just water, or if you prefer a mild unscented soap. I used water and had no issues.

What can I do with the reusable softcup if I choose not wear it the whole time? wash, dry completely and store in a ventilated container. DO NOT store in a sealed container, or bag.

How do I dispose of the reusable softcup? in the trash like you would any other feminine products. Not in the toilet.

I'm worried about TSS from wearing it for 12 hours a day for the length of my period? Instead Softcups have not been linked to TSS. They do not absorb like tampons. They collect so therefore no risk of TSS.

Have more questions? Leave them in a comment or go right here

I want to thank Evofem for allowing me to write,and review a product that has changed my life. Before I was even contacted by the company I had already wrote this blog post, Tampons vs Cups. So I was super excited about the opportunity. All the ladies have been wonderful, and so helpful.

If you want to read more post about Softcups, and my experiences check these out.


Ok now for the fun part, I'm giving away a 2 pack of the Reusable Softcups to one lucky person. Yes guys can enter too.

You can get up to 7 entries.

Heres how:

1 entry for following my blog, just leave me a comment telling me you are already following or are a new follower.

another entry for following @InsteadSoftcup on twitter

and 5 entries for blogging and linking about this giveaway just leave a comment with the link so I can check it out.

I will use to chose the winner on March 7 around 10PM. 
You have a week to enter.
Good Luck!

Disclaimer:I have been provided compensation from Evofem. All opinions are honest, and 100% mine.

Please read my Disclosure Policy


Monday, February 13, 2012

Mess-Free Sex on your period.

This post is going to be hard for me. Not because it's about sex. But because I don't have experience with the softcups during sex. But the winner of the softcups last month, Troopetrie surely does. And she was kind enough to share her experience right here. I have to say I really never thought about her situation.
Do you think she was able to "trick" her husband?

I have read you can have clean, comfortable sex with Softcups. And your partner more than likely won't even feel its there.

 Will you be one of those women that will be celebrating <3 Valentines Day <3 on your period?

That will make alot of people happy.
I know alot of women & men just refuse to know, do it during that time of the month. But what happens if it it  your  Anniversary, Honeymoon, Wedding night or if its the only time your special someone is home? You don't have to let your period ruin it.

Can you have sex with the Divacup? No, The DivaCup is bell-shaped and worn low near the vaginal opening. It should be removed before intercourse.

Can you have sex with tampons? NO.

Can you have sex with Instead Softcups? Yes, you can have clean, comfortable sex with the Softcup in place. Although individual experience may vary, most likely neither you nor your partner will feel the Softcup. To help avoid leakage on heavy flow days, we recommend inserting a new Softcup before intercourse.

**Please remember that Softcup is not a contraceptive and does not protect you from pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.

Disclaimer:I have been provided compensation from Evofem. All opinions are honest, and 100% mine.

Please read my Disclosure Policy



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