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Monday, January 18, 2010

Another Give Away

This one from Robin over at Lolidots. She has several good ones. I personally hope to win the Earth Mama Angel Baby gift certificate. Great product, no chemicals. Check it out here-

You know I will do it for you.

See they get all ZEROS- can't get better than that.

Go and enter she has several ways to enter. Well actually if you don't enter I will have a better chance to win. :)◦


  1. Seriously, that shampoo is unbelievable! I can't get over how good it makes Snappy's hair smell and for how many days it smells good!

  2. Thanks for the link back to Lolidots. I love the sledding post. You must live somewhere warmer than Wisconsin. We would be in our bathing suits with that little snow! Ha!


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