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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weather Fest

We took the kids to Weatherfest on Sunday. The kids had a good time.  Scott & Carly got their pic made w/ Ken Cook.
I learned a couple of things- one my husband is infatuated w/ Karen Minton from channel 2 news. The pic is horrible of her, he took it. Now you see why I never have pics of myself. He takes pics and pays no attention to what you are doing. I always get pics of my eyes half opened or drunk looking pics.
Anyways, I did have to set an old lady straight.
She kept talking about Carson and referring to him as she. And I kept correcting her saying, "HE!", and she kept saying "She went over there" And I finally said "He, hes a boy!" She said "Oh the hair threw me off"
I wanted to say "hes dressed like a boy" What are all boys suppose to have super short hair?

Oh, and you have a mustache, aren't only men suppose to have those.
Gotta love old people.



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