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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day of WOWS!

Lets see yesterday I rec'd a BLOG AWARD from good ol' Robin from Lolidots. It's some Beautiful Blog Award, which I have no clue how I got it. I'm flattered. But my blog is by far beautiful. I mean its beautiful to me, and really thats all that matters. And I do blog for myself.
I'm no where near an entertainer like some (Nikki, This Daddy) now I can see why those blogs were on her list but mine well I'm still shaking my head.
More on that later, because I think I'm suppose to pass it on to other bloggers.So BEWARE! All new to me so I will have to read the fine print and find time to do that.

My second WOW was also from Lolidots, Robin you are too good to me!  

Remember when I posted about Lolidots giveaway- The Earth Mama Angel Baby gift certificate I wanted to win so badly. Well guess what?


I had already been looking on what to get, I got my certificate my email this morning and going to order some things this week. I can't wait.

Robin raves about their products so lets see how they are. I mean I already love them because they get all ZERO's on the cosmetic database. If you have no clue what I'm talking about go to and look up some shampoo, baby wash, toothpaste, lotion that you use on yourself or your little ones. And see what exactly is in the products YOU put on your little Prides of Joy.

You may think Gerber Wash, or maybe even Aveeno is the best.  But I'm here to tell you


Ok my kids are running crazy so I need to get off of here, before they really tear the house up or should I say down. Anyways-

Thank you Robin, and thanks for those who didn't enter and gave me a better chance at winning.  :)

I love to WIN!◦


  1. LOL! Lucky you! You won. :-) It's a good feeling, isn't it? Yea you!

  2. Your blog is beautiful because you are beautiful! Don't you be selling yourself short on my watch missy! ;-)

    You've got to tell me what you think of the Earth Mama stuff! Did I mention that Snappy's hair smells amazing even several days after washing it? I mean, um, I totally give my kids a bath every single day. Uh...that shampoo smells good!

  3. awesome, congrats on winning! and thanks so much for the shout out and kind words!


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