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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Camlin 7 months old - Crazy Day at our house.

What a crazy day! I think being in the house so much and being off schedule with Carson being sick has got the kids acting crazy. I am actually looking forward to tomorrow to get the kids back on schedule. The kids went out to play and get some fresh air yesterday, it was cold and very windy but the kids needed to get out. They all had a blast on their scooters. In their CROCS.

Finally my happy sweet boy smiling once again.

Last night we had friends over it was kinda like our Christmas get together that we do every year. The kids exchanged gifts with their friends. And this year they actually shopped for their friends and they were so excited about that. More than if I would have just gotten something for them to give.
I don't have pics but go here and you can see a few of them.◦


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