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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Glasses are BOGO

And I want to get some more glasses. A couple months ago I finally had an eye exam and got new glasses. I made a mistake of purchasing a pair right then. Well $200 later. Oh I was sick. I do not lot spending money on myself at all.  Well my mom was telling me about a lady she worked with that bought prescription glasses online for $7.95. I was thinking theres no way. I just paid $200 and got $99 frames. So the researcher I am went home and researched, googled, and found Eyebuydirect.  Prescription glasses for as low as $7.95. That includes the frames and lenses. Yes the lense too. Shocking, right.

Shocked! Mad! Felt Ripped Off. I just spent $200.

Weeks later I decided to order some and see if they are junk. I mean they are so cheap they will probably break the 1st time I wear them, right?

I searched for some like the ones I paid $200 for and found these-

They look identical from my LizWear. I ended up paying $19-$20 and that included shipping. Got em in the mail and I love them. I wear them more than my expensive ones.

Right now they are having a sale- Buy one Get one Free. I have wanted some red lenses. I think I am going to get some and Scott can get a new pair. Even if I have to drag him to the eye doctor.  

You have 6 days until the BOGO is gone.
Celebrate our 5th Anniversary with Buy One-Get One FREE prescription eyeglasses at from March 1-14th. Order now!


  1. That is a great deal and I certainly need new glasses but you know how it is getting yourself to the Dr. with kids in tow, too! LOL My prescription hasn't been updated in about 4 years so I really need a new one. Thanks for posting this deal though because I'd probably have bought some expensive glasses with my dilated eyes instead of trying this site. I'm going to bookmark it for later use.

  2. I got Lasik about 3 years ago, but as much as I love being able to see in the morning, I seriously miss my frames! I had some adorable ones from over the years!

    I might just have to get myself a few pairs without a prescription... that's not lame, is it?!?


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