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Monday, March 28, 2011

Cloth Wipes

If you are using cloth diapers why not use cloth wipes? They can be washed with the diapers and will save you $.

Here are some of mine-

I add them to a container-

add water. soak. ring out

Then add some California Baby Diaper wash solution or you could wait until time of changing and right before changing spray the wipe. Your choice.

Heres where I got mine-

I got these they are the small ones great for pees. And these larger ones for poops.◦


  1. I cloth diapered for over a year when I finally switched to cloth wipes. I can't believe that I didn't switch sooner. It only makes sense and they work so much better! My mother in law recently gave me a pack of disposable wipes so I've been using them for faces and I hate them. They stink compared to cloth!

  2. I also cloth diapered for a year before I made the switch to cloth wipes. Not sure what made me wait so long. I make my own cloth wipes solution.
    Just found your blog, nice to "meet" you!
    (we also LOVE the Vaccine Book)


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