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Sunday, January 2, 2011

This is what life is all about

Having fun

Making Memories


Enjoying Life

Cherish it.

When I first walked into the kitchen and saw this, I actually wanted to scream. I had just swept, and mopped the floor. But instead I took a deep breath, laughed and let him have fun. I mean it was already a mess so might as well let him have fun. He loved it. And he played for a couple of hours in it. Ate some.
Then I cleaned it up.
I even told the kids we would do it again.
And we will.
 Don't you just love it when our children teach us something?



  1. Love this ~ and his baby legs are too cute!! Those reminders to not stress and just enjoy them being kids are wonderful.

  2. Those are the moments that bring us back to what's real and important. Love it :)

  3. Hi Tracy!
    I found your blog via your husband's blog via Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. Was moved by your husband's post today and thought I'd check out yours. I think it's great you both blog! I'm trying to get my husband into it too.

    Your post today is so darn cute. Love the pics! I would have freaked out at first sight of the mess but you're right, it's done so why not let them enjoy it? It's all about the memories:)

    I'll be back to visit again. May even follow you on Twitter!

  4. Been there done that!

    Great pictures and yes, I totally love learning from my children. I can totally hear C's laughter through those pictures. You're a great mom!

  5. Absolutely Beyond True and Too Cute! That is what life is about isnt it! I have to remind myself that when my 20 month old gets into the jar of Nutella and has it all over the place! So glad I found your blog just now. I clicked on your pic on Southern Mommas to welcome you to the bunch and had to stop by your blog as well. Your family is adorable and I so hope I can get to know you better! Have a great weekend with your family and stop by for some southern cooking and great recipes for the kids!



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