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Monday, January 10, 2011

Im Taking over....Only 4 2Day

So I am sitting here and my wonder wife T who operates this blog is in the bath. Now while normally I would be at work at this time, we were attacked by Ol' Man Winter again last night and we received the gift of 4+ inches of snow and a healthy topping of ice, so I got me a snow day.  Another thing I usually try to force my way into the bath with her but that never works....

So I am hijacking her blog.  I am writing a post on her blog, partly since she is using my computer to do pictures from today. 

Lets go back to how we got to this point.  We started yesterday searching for gloves for the kids cause, the Winter Snow Storm 2011 was on the way. Here in Georgia, we are not prepared for that.  Loaded up the firewood and waited for it to hit.  Last night while I was at the gym, the offering from the Snow Gods started to fall. It snowed and snowed snowed.

It snowed some more.  We ended up with a little over 4 inches. I was not about to go to work. Too much snow and ice for our area.  The whole city of Atlanta and outer cities had shut down.

So today we got the kids dressed, which only takes about 4 hours since we have no snow suits. We have to bundle them up in 4 layers of clothes.  We played outside and Carson built his first snowman. Talked to our neighbor as we watched other neighbors try to get out on the icy streets only to turn right back around.

We played out back too after Carly and Camlin took naps.  They were wore out. I watched the news and laughed as all the people that tried to get out in this stuff ended up stuck or in a wreck. Playing out back was fun, the most fun. Running around with the kids and getting all snowy. 

Came in took off all the millions of layers of clothes and then got the kids in the bath and then ate dinner. Now the kids are having a little bit of Wii time and Tracy, like I said is in the bath.  What better time to hijack her blog and give a little recap of our day.  Might be groundhog day tomorrow too, cause the stuff that is on the ground is going to turn into ice and that will be much worse than snow.

Now I could have hijacked her blog and blogged about how the Atlanta Falcons have to play the Packers next Saturday.  I could have blogged about how I am so glad I didn't have to work today even though we need the money.  I could have blogged about the funny movie we watched last night Zack and Miri Make a Porno.  Or just the fact that I am a great studly man who gives his wife awesome love.  But NO. I decided to keep it clean and simple.

I love Tracy so much. She is the one that got me into blogging, so why not hijack her blog and put a little of me on it.

Enjoy and Come see me everyday on Make sure you check back, you never know when I am going to pop back up on here.

So, maybe I will start a movement. All husbands hijack the wives blogs and write a lil sum sum. ◦


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