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Monday, July 26, 2010


We took the kids to see TS3 last weekend   a couple of weekends ago. Maybe even a month ago

....better late than never. :) I got tickets through Kelloggs. When Kelloggs cereals would go on sale at Publix. I would buy them and of course use a coupon. Well actually lots of coupons. And enter codes and redeem for movie tickets. So instead of spending $12 a ticket for 5 of us. I spent about $6 a ticket, and have about 30 boxes of cereal to eat.
Who can afford to go to the movies these days? Certainly not us. It would have cost us $60, just to see the movie. We could wait and buy the DVD  when it comes out. One for each kid.

 I took in snacks, and drinks for the kids. My mom & brother went with us.

The kids LOVED it.
The had a blast!!

Now we are even more excited to go to Disney to see Woody, Buzz & Jessie.



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