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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What have we been up to this summer?

Field Day w/ Mrs. Carruthers 

Making High Score in Study Island

Swimming Lessons w/ Ms. Lindy

Bubble Baths

Playing with Tampons.

Oh my.



  1. Tampons??? What is my son doing with Tampons?

  2. I found you and your husband's blog this morning. I gotta say I think I'm going to enjoy reading! We also breastfeed & cosleep! We plan to name all our kids with A names and I see your kids all have C names! Our kids are Ashlyn & Aiden. We also have custody of my 2 nieces and have 4 kids under 4. I'm really excited to find a blog so similar to mine! Look forward to getting to know you!

  3. Your children are gorgeous, you have some great photos to reflect on when they grow up. I was reading zookeeperjess' comments and its funny how many people have a favourite letter when naming their children, our's was letter 'M'. Miranda and Monique and they both had 7 letters. I planned on naming my little property 'Miranique'after both of them but then i married a man with a little daughter called Jaimee and it all 'went out the window' after that, LOL

  4. new follower! i stumbled across your blog and love the photos!!
    Have a great week.


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