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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Can we go out and play in the snow,

can we Mom?  Pleeeeeeeeease

I heard that about oh..... a thousand times. 

View from the bathroom

Cain throwing a snow ball.

Daddy pulling Carly up the drive way on the cow equipped with 2 dog leashes tied together.

Hey we are creative.

Cain was so crazy about the snow. 

Sitting in it. Laying in it.

Rolling around in it. Crawling in it.


Just as happy as can be.

And Carson had to have his turn on the cow. Ride em' cowboy!

Look Ma'  Snow!~

3 of MY boys.

Carson loved making snow angels.

Carly didn't survive long in the snow. And really I only went out to watch the kids, and take some pictures. I like the snow for them. I prefer the sun, heat, hot weather.

Look at Carly in the window.

She doesn't look to happy.

No she wasn't in the house by herself, Camlin was with her. He was taking a nap on the floor.

Ok time to get the Tonka's out.

The fun snow is over. I'm glad its gone.

We will have to get some suitable snow clothes if we plan on visiting Nanny & PawPaw in December. 



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