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Friday, February 26, 2010


Heres my coupon folder

I love using coupons, and saving as much money as I can.
I feel thats it my job to make our money go as far as I can.
I have always used coupons, but now I really use coupons.

Not too long ago I found a blog (can't remember which blog) that had a post about coupons being a waste of time, and she didn't use them because she doesn't buy boxed meals.
News flash I don't buy meals in a box either. My family eats pretty healthy, and thanks to coupons I can buy organic fruits, vegetables, and milk.
Yes it may be more expensive but its worth it to me. I use this list to help me figure out what is worth buying organic.
I figure if I can spend $4-8 on chips,cookies, unhealthy junk. I can spend $7.99 on organic strawberries. I would rather spend my money on healthy organic fruits & vegetables.

I shop at Publix. Before I was a WalMart shopper and always thought I couldn't afford to shop at Publix.
WRONG! I can't afford to shop at WM now.
How many of you go into WM to pick up one or two things and end up spending $80?
because you see things that you really don't need, but think oh thats cute and its only $___, I'll get two of those or no one for each kid.
Then you get to the cash register and forget what you went in there for.

I also shop at Sams Club.
Back to Publix- I love this site. She matches all coupons, shes local. She saves me tons of money & time.
I wish I had some receipts to show of how much money I save. I will have to keep the next few.
So if you aren't using coupons, you are losing and wasting so much money.
And don't say you don't have time for it. I have 4 children. You make time for it, especially if its going to save you money.



  1. Honey, I love you so much for using coupons and saving money, there is nothing more sexy than you in bed with your bog ass coupon notebook clipppin' away

  2. Oh you are so much better than me! I have never been able to figure out how to actually save money using coupons! It's always for stuff I wasn't gonna buy anyway!

  3. I'm a coupon clipping fool too! I agree though, sometimes it is things I probably wouldn't have bought to begin with. I don't buy boxed meals, either. It's like a rush to find something that you need & know that you're getting a great deal on it. I just wish I could be like that lady from Georgia (she was on Oprah one day and then the Today show) who showed the audience how to save money with coupons...anyway...she took someone shopping, they bought about $200.00 of groceries and only paid $0.25! It was crazy!

  4. You are so ORGANIZED about it! I will put a coupon on the fridge with a megnet, then a year later remember it was there...only to see it had expired.

  5. I LOOOVEE COUPONS! Around christmas time I was getting lots of coupons/money off offers for department stores. Or stores that I carried credit cards with. Since I was always makeing excuses about money and not being able to afford giving to charities.. I decided whatever money I saved via coupons I would donate to charity/church! Pretty sure it worked out great, and the salvation army got a big chunk of change! :) I should do that year round!

  6. I have a cousin who manages a Wal-Mart and he told us once that they give away a lot of groceries because they know you'll buy something else if they can get you in there.
    I haven't figured the coupon thing out though. I end up getting stuff like crescent rolls and stuff I wouldn't normally buy. I tried for a couple of weeks, but found haven't really figured it out.
    I need to work harder at it. Who couldn't use the extra money!
    And your kids are beautiful!


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