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Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Birthday big boy!

 365 days later 

It all started here, when we found out we were having another little boy

About 6 days before you were born.
I was so ready to see you...

in person, and snuggle ,kiss ,hold and hug you.

And of course breastfeed you.

Then you met your brothers & sister. And 3 became 4.

You fit perfect in my arms, and I held you alot.

And before I knew it you were smiling, laughing, rolling over..

And I was enjoying every moment. You are so laid back, and easy going you just go with the flow.

Then you starting sitting up.
And changing every day.
I think when you know its your last you cherish every little thing a little bit more.                                
No matter how small it is.
.Its true they do grow up so fast.
And in a blink of an eye....they are 1.
I wish I could keep you little...
But you have to grow up. :(

Now you are crawling,standing, climbing, and getting into every thing.
And even learning to walk, and talk.

No I didn't want this, yet. I had it in my mind if I carried you alot I could keep you from walking too soon.
I guess it didn't work like that.
But you better believe I am still going to keep cuddling, kissing, carrying, holding, and cherishing every second.

I love you Camlin!
I hope you had a great birthday.



  1. Why do you look so pretty when you are about to go into labor?!? Seriously! Way to pretty for someone about to push a baby out! :)

    Happy birthday Camllin!

  2. Great pictures. I agree, they do grow up quickly, too quickly. My oldest is driving now and just finished 11th grade. I feel like it was yesterday that he was nursing.

  3. Hi there just popped over to your blog to check it out as I have been a follower of your hubby's blog for a while now. It takes me back the days when my girls were so little, he has a funny take on things doesn't he? LOL....Love your photos... don't tell him I said but your pics are better.....

  4. Hi! I'm new to your blog and I thought I would just let you know that your pictures are awesome! Your little Camlin is so adorable! I only have one little girl. She turned 3 in April. It feels like I brought her home just yesterday. You are right. It's like a blink of an eye. Where does the time go! I hope you don't mind me following your blog and popping over from time to time!

  5. Omgosh! He is so adorable!!!

    I'm coming from your husband's blog. How cool is that! His is the first "daddy" blog I have ever read it! It's nice to meet the other half {so to speak}!!!

    I wish my husband would blog about how wonderful I am! lol

    I'm your newest follower!

  6. came over from your hubbies blog!look forward to following you! GREAT post!! very cute!!

  7. Such a sweet post! You are so pretty...even when you're about to have a baby! :o)

  8. Thank you all.

    SIF- I remember looking like poop the last births so I made sure I put some make up on ;).

    Maranda- Thanks- Yes the grow up so quick. Don't ya wish there was something we could do to keep them little? I surely do.

    Penny-He only blogs about the nice things, I'm waiting for that post "Shes's such a bitch!"

    Chrissy- Thank you.:)


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