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Monday, November 29, 2010


I have been ordering through Ebates for a couple of months now. I have already received one check for $17.

Well I have another one coming for $29. All just by ordering stuff I would have ordered anyways.

If I buy something off Ebay I go through Ebates. It may be $1 here and $1 there or it may be $10.

So if you wanna earn extra cash go sign up (click below )


and before you buy anything online go to Ebates and search the store you are ordering from and it automatically opens a ticket for you and tracks your order and the checks in the mail.

Its that simple.

The percentages change. For Black Friday I ordered a few things from the Disney Store and Ebates had 10% cash back and with a coupon, and free shipping I was able to get some super cheap christmas gifts.

 You can find stores like Gap,Old Navy, Boden (my fav), Crocs (another fav), Borders...the list goes on and on.

Oh and by the way you can still take advantage of that 10% cash back from the Disney Store.

Sign up with the link below and I get $5 and theres even a special gift for just for you. You get $5 too!

You are welcome

Now go sign up and save some $$$$◦


  1. I love ordering online, I live about 45 min from town, so it is always my first choice. The UPS man, know us well! I am going to go over there and check it out right now! Thank you!

  2. Yes sign up, Save Money!! I know we love our UPS and Fed Ex man. :)

  3. Excuse me!!!!! You better not love your UPS and Fed Ex man!!!!


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