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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SNOW DAY!!!!!!

Yes it snowed! And I had to take the kids out in it. It may be the only snow of the year. I was so excited to take the kids out, and Carson & Carly loved it. Cain on the other hand did not. He cried, and cried. He kept saying "theres snow on me!" Not to mention he does not like to wear a jacket. Its a fight anytime he needs to wear one. He will say " No I want to wear this shirt" as he points to his shirt. He doesn't get the fact that he needs to wear his shirt and a jacket. So I threw a sweater over his pajamas. This is probably one of my favorite pictures of him. Click on it to enlarge. His eyes, and lips are so cute!

Carson was so excited when it started to snow, we rushed to get him dressed because I just knew it was going to stop.But it did not. He was catching snow on his tongue. Theres something about snow its just so fun. Carly was amazed by it.

Theres Woody!

Now hes happy, and he has his jacket on! YAH!!!!!

Our little snowman. Carson wanted to bring it in, he said" I want it to sleep in my bed"....
Eyes made out of confetti sprinkles, and I guess he got hungry making it because he took a bite out of his nose.



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