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Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Day from HELL

REWIND : 10 PM- I'm reading Carson & Cain a story Carson is digging in his nose (TMI), and says to me "I can't get it out", I said "Did you put something in your nose?", He says "That orange wheel", So I think Oh great! Took him to the Bathroom and yes theres something orange in his nose, so I get him to blow it, and blow it. It doesn't come out, so I get tweezers, can't reach it. So then I spread open his nostril and say Blow Hard!
Out comes this orange circle wheel flying across the room. I guess now I can sorta laugh about it.

Lets FAST FORWARD: 4AM- Scott calls me he sounds groggy, but is doing good he says. He says the only pain hes having was the catheter. And that hopefully he will get to go home today. Which is good.

Until now.....
6:15AM- Cains moving around alot in bed, and says "Mommy I need to throw up", rush him to the toilet, and he hasn't stopped throwing up.

I have had no sleep, but it really doesn't seem to bother me right now. It probably will later though.

Carly's crying now.◦


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