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Monday, December 10, 2007

Stone Mountain Park Christmas

Our 1st trip to Stone Mountain during Christmas time. We went with our friends,
Suzanne, Beau, Jayden & Molly.
It was so much fun. And I think we are going to do this every
year. The boys woke up this morning and said they wanted to go
back to the Stone Mountain.
The kids enjoyed a story from Mrs. Claus, watched christmas shows,
saw the parade with the Veggie Tales, and Santa. The boys favorite
was riding the train around the mountain and seeing all the lights, and
the Polar Express 4D movie.
And we all had a blast at the barn, throwing balls at each other, especially
Madison would throw balls at people while they weren't looking and laugh
when they turned around to try and see who was throwing balls at them.



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