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Monday, June 11, 2012

Vacation- Legoland Day 1

We made it. Let's just say it was a looooong trip.

After only 5-6 hours of sleep we got up ready for breakfast and to get to Legoland by 10. The Best Western we stayed at I assumed had complimentary breakfast. 

No I was wrong. So the kids ate.

We were about a mile from Legoland.

My kids ALWAYS have to have maps. They want to know whats next.

Scott took the big boys on this while.... 

 I took the little ones to ride the Lego Carousel

This old man was snoring just like the kids Pawpaw :)

Old Lady with rollers in her hair...

Probably the only picture you will see me in :) A nice man
took it for me. I think he liked my Ninjago shirt :)

Hear us ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

This picture cracks me up. 

Can't believe this guy is sleeping at Legoland.

Got the kids Ninjago swords, and Camlin had to try it out... 

{Mini Land}

The Mini Mini Golf was my favorite.

another one of my favorites, the Soda & Snack machine 

President Obama, The First Lady, their daughters & dog

New Lego Friends & Carly

Driving School- this was one of their favorite


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  1. GREAT pics, Tracy! Hope y'all have a blast. Sure beats schooling all day, huh?


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