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Friday, December 30, 2011

Just say NO to tampons & find out how to win a sample pack of Instead Softcups

I think everyone tries to be green in some way. And I think we all can do better. I know I can. I know before I made the switch to Instead Softcups I used Playtex Tampons. And never really thought about that pink applicator I threw in the garbage after a few seconds of use. I mean seriously think about it. You use it for 1-3 seconds, and in the garbage it goes. YOU never see it again. But it really never goes away.

Tampons come with ridiculous amounts of packaging, which most of it is non-recyclable. So being the researcher I am I decided to research how long it takes a tampon to decompose.

 Well since tampons have only been around for 70 years there's no way of knowing exactly the time frame. But researchers are saying 300-500 years!

(Picture source)

I know some of you are thinking that the cups are just disgusting (see pic above) and you could never use them. That's what I hear often from women.

Some women are actually flushing these in the toilet. Now if they are flushed and end up in the ocean chances are your plastic applicator will be ingested by some animal.

 Think about this

(picture source)

They should never end up here.

Or they may be washed up on a beach.

Now that is disgusting!

Who wants to be on vacation with your family and see plastic applicators everywhere?

(picture source)

Lets look at the money part...

                                           so lets say I use 2 a day for 5 days that's 10 a month.
10 x 12 months = 120 a year vs 300-400 tampons you would use in a year.

It may be different for you, it would depend on length of your period and flow

Instead Softcup 24 count box

Box of 24 cost $10 on their website. That would last me 2 menstrual cycles.

Also right now CVS is having a sale on the Instead Softcups, 20% off. Box of 14 for $6.39

*It is cheaper to order straight from the company, right here. Shipping is cheaper. :)

And who doesn't like to save money?

*I am going to give you the chance to win a sample pack all you have to do is go to Instead Softcups website , look around and learn something about them. Then come back & leave me a comment on what you learned about the company or their products.

I will use to choose winner, on Sunday January 8, 2012 around 12PM est.

Now Go!

Disclaimer:I have been provided compensation from Evofem. All opinions are honest, and 100% mine.

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  1. I like that its hypo-allergenic & latex free!

  2. I like that you shouldn't be able to feel it when inserted correctly!

  3. Don't forget about all the chemicals in tampons! I love my Diva cup, and SWEAR my periods have gotten less painful since I made the switch! Putting bleach up your hoo-ha isn't good for anyone!

  4. I learned that you can wear a softcup for 12 hours verses 4-6 hours with a tampon. That alone saves money!

  5. Okay so after one of your post about soft cups I ordered a sample pack. Today is my first day attempting to use them, and so far I like it. Im still a bit uncomfortable with the whole taking it out, but I like that there is no mess while wearing them!

  6. @Kathy

    Oh good. Glad you like them. It took me about 10 minutes to finally get it out. I had to keep reading over the directions.

    And my hand still gets messy taking them out.

  7. Not having to worry about TSS sounds great!

  8. Love that you shouldn't be able to feel it...for the last couple of years, after baby #4 I have such a hard time every month with tampons...they hurt and it seems like I have cramps BECAUSE of them :(

  9. The come in disposable or reusable and you cannot insert them too far if inserted properly.

  10. i can use it and still have sex, sounds silly but next month my hero will only be home 3 days before deploying for 6 months and can you guess what is visiting during those 3 days, UGGGGGGGGGG


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