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Monday, September 12, 2011

Our Trip to Savannah

We loaded up and left around 11 Friday morning. The kids,my mom and I made our way to Savannah. We had lunch at Chick Fil A, and finally made it to our hotel where we unloaded a few things then decided to go to Savannah. Not somewhere I care to go back. Well maybe when the kids are older. So not stroller friendly. Camlin likes to walk but the sidewalks are small. Cars,and trolleys go up and down the road so close to where you walk and so fast. It was not fun for me at all. Shops are not stroller friendly.I couldn't get my stroller in some of the doors.

 We liked seeing the boats but thats about it.

After Savannah we headed back to our nasty smelly hotel and waited for Scott & Ethan to get there. They got there around midnight. And finally I was able to fall asleep.



  1. omg, I cant believe how older C3 is looking. To big for me. I cant believe she will be five soon. Sorry you didnt enjoy Savannah. At least you had a great smoke smelled room with a great breakfast. And who needs to have a good time somewhere when you have great looking kids and take good pictures

  2. I would totally stress out about busy streets with little babies

  3. Doesn't sound like a nice experience for you as a mother.But at least you enjoyed seeing the boats right?

    PS: I know how you felt in that hotel..i've been in worse! not great memories

  4. your children are beautiful! Just beautiful!!!

  5. I seriously want to live and die in Savannah, Georgia.

    Love your badge "Breastfeeding, It's not a choice, It's a Responsibility"!!! So true.

    I'M YOUR 100th FOLLOWER! whatWHAT!?
    so happy to be :)

    -Ashley Marie

  6. and could you send me the link to the one above it? Too Many Too Soon? I'm not against vaccines, I'm against the 15 friggin shots in 6 months crap... I'd love to post this to my site too!


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