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Thursday, July 28, 2011

How I organize school work..

Heres how I organize the boys school work for the week. I use 2 pocket folders nothing fancy.
I use the same color for each day for both kids, its easier to grab same colors in a hurry. (not that I'm ever in a hurry).

I write the kids names in the bottom corner of each folder.

On the inside To Do: on left side Completed on the right. The boys can open it up see what needs to be done, once done they move it to the other side. This prevents "am I done?", "how much more?"....

I store all the folders in a tub, each child has their own. If there are books that we are going to read they go in here. Also any other things we are going to need for the week.

I store the workbooks, books, supplies in these storage drawers. Each child has 2, thats 6 drawers each. Labeled as Math, Language Arts,Phonics, Science, History, and Handwriting. I still have things to put away this past week we got Science & History so all thats on top and in between~ the mess!

I always get their stuff ready on Sunday for the week. So there thats how I do it.

The kids are enrolled in the K-12 program. I love it!!



  1. I so silly sometimes, I never realized that daddy blog was your husband. how have i never put the two together

  2. Honey, awesome post. I will put the other wooden shelf together for you guys this weekend. Maybe that will help a little more too.

  3. I like the idea of doing the folders and the drawers! I am most nervous about the organization part of this!
    Do you bring everything with you when you travel? Or do you work ahead? I'm anxious to start figuring this all out!

  4. @This Daddy What weekend were you referring to?

  5. @Tracythe weekend that just passed?? LOL, i will do it tonight for you. There done!!!

  6. @Lula Lola When we go on vacation I just mark the calendar as vacation. We work ahead so never get behind. But I think you will be traveling alot I would just do the folders how ever many days you will be gone.Pack it all in a storage box, and go.

    Are the kids excited? Did you get all your stuff? have they logged on & set up their own log ins? Theres some summer online learning they could do too. let me know if you have any questions or need help.

    My sister is starting k-12 this year too.

  7. Wow, I love the colored folders to show them what needs to be done that particular day. That is a great idea...and one I may just have to use in our homeschooling. Thanks for sharing your system and sparking ideas for those of us who are less organized! :)


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