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Monday, May 23, 2011

Nurse-In Forest Park

What a day it has been. Got up around 7:30 and out the door with the kids by 9:00.After loading the van with a million and one things, food, toys, blankets, drinks, more toys, cloth diapers, wipes, 3 carriers. What did I think, I was gonna carry 3 kids around.

It amazed me to see so many people today. What a great feeling. There were older moms, younger moms, grandmothers, dads there holding signs and supporting breastfeeding. There was even an attorney in a suit with a breastfeeding shirt.

I got some pictures so here they are... Carson took a few

When we arrived there was already a pretty big group.

See the police officer to the right? Super nice man. He stayed with us the whole time.
I think the lady in the blue is from Channel 46, she interviewed the other lady in the blue that was sitting on the curb.
Every single news station was there. 2,5,11,46, and I even saw Star 94 (radio station)

@fit40four from  twitter to the right.

Council City Karen Williams & Attorney

My Body
My Baby
Our Choice

Walking to City Hall.

I'm thinking Carson took this one...nice tree.

Another one of Carsons~

This will be me when my kids are grown. Supporting Breastfeeding, and womens rights.

I'm not sure if thats ok. Having your glasses in your mouth John Parker probably needs to have a discussion with you.

No one should eat in the bathroom!

Twitter Family- @iamoffdachain & @fit40four

Well I did get to speak to John Parker not much was said on his part, alot on mine.

Me: John Parker I would like to ask you why you laughed at my husband when he called you about your new law.
JP: (blank stare)
Me: You said he was making a big deal out of it, and its not a big deal.
JP: no comment
then he opens the door and walks away but I'm not done
Me: You said your wife breastfed, what does she think about this?
then the door closes.

I was so pissed. Mad! If blood can boil mine was.

Then wsbtv wanted an interview. Which I did not want to do so mad. But I did.

And my little one- that I still breastfeed. He will be 2 in a couple of weeks.

And the 4 reasons why I went today ~

~News Stories~



  1. Way to go T!! That is an awesome staging and looks like there was tons of support for it. I think it is the stupidest law ever and am glad to see you fighting for the rights of our kids. I breastfed Abbey until she was 2 1/2 yr old and caught a lot of slack for it but know it was the right decision. Would have breastfed Sidney longer but she spent months in NICU so she got the 6 week pumped milk instead and poor Wyatt...he only got the 6 weeks too because I had to go back to work in a non-breastfeeding happy place! LOL I highly encourage all women to breastfeed and like they say, breast IS best!

  2. THANK YOU and your husband for being part of this. It breaks my heart (and boils my blood too!) that it's necessary, but knowing that there was such a large group of peaceful, knowledgable, dedicated people out there makes me so proud!

  3. Good for you! I started following you and your husband when I first read his post about this ridiculous and condescending law. I am so impressed with both of you. Please keep doing what you're doing. It is so appreciated by this breastfeeding Mama :)

  4. You are awesome.

    Speak up for what is right.

  5. Good for you for standing up for breastfeeding rights! So many women don't breastfeed because of the negative stigma and that needs to end. It's not shameful. It's not a crime. Thanks for the work you did that day and for sharing it on your blog as well.

  6. Tell your husband that "Anonymous" said, "You Are Very Welcome" for his Thank You Thursday!Oh and I'm not scared I'm just smarter than the 2 of you put together! FYI there is a difference;)Beeches! Beeches? Really? Trust me I have a life a great one! I don't work all the time so my wife can stay home with the kids and worry about vaccines and breastfeeding our children until they are old enough to "self wean" I don't stay home so my husband has to work all the time so I can go and drag my children to things that don't concern me Oh and enjoy things that my husband misses out on because he works all the time! My spouse and I both have wonderful careers and also have children.We just do things equally, try it sometime your husband might not stay so stressed!This is my opinion which like the both of you can obviously share!

  7. Anonymous~ I really dont care what kind of life you do have, apparently not as good as you think it is when you are obsessed with what I do.

    Breastfeeding concerns me, why would you care if I go to Forest Park for a nurse in? What you mean you didn't breastfeed your children? And you claim to be smart. Now you do know Breast is Best, right? I mean its even on the cans of formula. You are smart enough to know that, right?
    And vaccines are important to me too, but you already knew that since you are so smart. But the reasons I do all this research is because my kids are very important to me. You see I didn't have children to send them off for someone else to raise! So share that with YOUR husband.

  8. LOVE this post. Loved seeing all the pictures. You are awesome.

    Anon- You are right about being smarter than these two jokers. Your reply is just BRIMMING with intelligence.

  9. Heres the Anonymous comment some have asked to read. Have a laugh...

    I think that you should try to get out more! I read both you & your husbands blogs tweets & I can't help but say you guys spend to much time on things that don't concern you!Forest Park really? Instead of focusing so much on more important matters!I mean HELLO,life is to short! You get a headache looking into all the vaccine info. HELL, I get a headache & stressed from reading what the 2 of you post!I'm just saying what many others are thinking they just don't know how to say it! Do share this comment with your husband if you must;)

  10. Sounds like anonymous isn't as smart as he/she claims to be. Why are you focusing so much on what someone else believes.If it gives you such a headache & stress from reading what these parents write then why do you following them. Why would you think Forest Park issues doesn't concern them? What are these more important issues that these parents should be focused on?
    And why are you so embrassed that you use Anonymous to leave comments?

  11. I wish I could have been there breastfeeding my toddler.... Breastfeeding is amazing and the best thing you can do for your baby!!

    On another note it looks like you have a blog stalker. She sounds crazy and not very bright. Chances are you know this person and she's just jealous of you!!

  12. Wow, way to go! I think its awesome that you went with your 4 kiddies! And anonymous, why are you reading a blog that you clearly have no interest in reading and focusing on what T is doing.Why don't you worry about your kids,and let T worry about heres.

  13. Good for you! I'm a huge breastfeeding supporter. I was breastfeed until I was 3 so it was a no brainer that I would breastfed my children as long as they would let me. Thanks for doing what you do to support the cause!


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