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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Cain!!

The first time I saw your smiling face. You were cozy in my tummy.

I can remember the day you were born.

Very Easy Labor.

Little did I know
Easy Labor

means not so easy childhood.
You have my attitude, and strong willed personality.

Wonder where you got your stubborness from??
You have grown up so fast.

Too fast.
I can't believe that today you are 5 years old.
I'm glad I have all these memories
 I will never forget these times in your life.

Look at you now.
You are a cute long haired boy.

I love you, Cain-er-nator!

Happy Birthday.



  1. He was seriously smiling in there, wasn't he?!? Oh my gosh - that is incredible!

    Hope he has an awesome 5th birthday!

  2. Babe, this is making me want to cry. I love you and you are an awesome MOMMY.

  3. That sonogram pic. is the best.

  4. that's an amazing sono pic!! such a pretty boy! happy birthday to cain...and happy birthday to you!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to that cutie but, Happy Birthday to YOU too!!!


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