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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Viewing & Funeral

I saw Carson go up to the casket and look then he went to get Cain and said, "Cain come here, its Meme...Shhhhh shes sleeping."

Then they both look and Cain says, "Yeah thats baby Meme"- Not sure what he meant by that maybe since she looked so young or the casket looking like a cradle.

Thank you Laura for watching the kids. And Thank you Suzanne for being at the funeral it really meant alot to me.
Stephanie & Scott you did a great job on speaking you did what alot of us could not.
And Thank you Scott for those words you said to me right before the funeral that will be in my head forever. You asked Meme to squeeze your hand if she was in pain, and she didn't.
I love you for loving Meme as much as I do. You went by and saw Meme every night while she was in the hospital. Meme thought the world of you.



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