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Monday, February 19, 2007

Disney World 2006

Here are some pictures from our 1st trip to Disney World.
The boys had so much fun. Carson turned 3, and Cain is 17 mos. old. And I am 24 weeks pregnant w/ Carly.

We can't wait to go back and take Carly.

Daddy & his boys.

Mommy & her boys.

Silly Carson!

Chip & Dale w/ Carson & Cain


Peek A Boo! I see you!

Woody kinda frightened Carson.
He was sooooo big!

Army man from Toy Story posing
w/ Daddy & Carson.

Wake up Cain!

The boys loved this ride. I was pregnant with
Carly (24 weeks) so she got to ride too.

Scott & I took turns riding it with the boys.

The boys love Little Einstein "June".

Goliath posing for a picture

Goliath looks hungry....

Chip & Cain

Chip & Carson both making silly faces...

Ok heres another silly face.. Goofy

All of my boys.....


Carson dancing with JOJO

See, Scott even had fun.

what a cute picture

Carson is thinking, please just let me eat, NO

Me & Pluto

Minnie just loved Carson.

Scotts girlfriend, Minnie.

And Cain...

Goofy Scott!

Mommy & her boys!

Like Father, Like Son.



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